History of the Pool Patrol

Protect and Serve

In 2007, Robert "Bo" Edwards knew there was a better way get rid of calcium buildup on pool tiles than throwing the calcified tiles out with the bath water. Bo set out and built Advanced Surface Restoration a company dedicated to removing calcium buildup where ever it might rear its crusty white head. 
Along the way, Bo adapted the business to meet his clients needs and transformed into a complete restoration company that provides services as simple as seasonal pressure washing to design and installation of tile and stone works of art. ASR took on its new shape and character becoming the new Pool Patrol to keep watch over our community from those pesky pool guys who try to nickel and dime you at every step their engagement.
We've heard all of their lines before and it's downright criminal. They say "let's replace these pool tiles because they have calcium build up." In their heads they know it's less expensive to clean them, but a majority of "pool cleaning companies" do not own the technology to effective blast the calcium off without damaging the tiles.
We believe their is a more cost effective method to protect your investment than replacing calcified pool tiles and we do own the technology.  We believe our upfront investment in technology will allow us to serve you better than any other company around. We do not compromise our integrity for profit. 
If you are having issues with your petulant pool guys, would like a second opinion, feel like you are being charged too much, or just want to learn more about our services, give Bo a call at (936)-355-1635 or reach us at robert@poolpatrol.life.