Pool Patrol Advanced Surface Restoration Academy

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We will teach you the science of calcium removal and advanced surface restoration. Our biggest source of revenue is calcium removal. We even subcontract our services to other local companies because they do not have our capabilities. 
The academy will train you and provide you with the equipment necessary to increase your revenue in your local market. 
At the end of training, you will be sent home with (shipping included):
A fully functional North Star Compressor specifically modified for calcium removal.
1 Dryer
 1 Hopper
1 Pump
4 hoses and connections
Plumbing Valves
1000 lb. of abrasive
200 ft line hoses
Pool Patrol academy is a week long intensive training course designed to give your pool company the ability to effectively remove calcium using our proprietery method. You send us your finest pool man and we supply them with the capabilities they need to expand your service offering.   
Tuition includes a new customized Northstar compressor ready for calcium removal wherever your clients maybe.
Training Schedule:
Sun- Arrival and check in 
Mon- Compressor training
Tues- Compressor training
Wed- On the job training
Thurs-  On the job training
Fri- Lead a calcium removal job and checkout. 
Tuition also includes travel, room & board.
We know money is tight, however we also know the benefits of calcium removal for your bottom dollar. We allow tuition to be made in multiple payments. Call us at 936-355-1635 for further inquiries.